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Welcome To A “Green” Future
Growing Healthy And Sustainable Food!

Our Mission:

To inspire healthy and sustainable living around the world, by empowering people with the technology and training to do so.

The State Of The Planet /
The Power Of A Plant
Tim Blank
Horticulturist and futurist Tim Blank shares how the vertical aeroponic revolution is exploding local food, drastically reducing water and chemical use, and shifting the state of the planet.

About Us:

For the past 10 years, Future Growing® LLC has been the world leader in vertical aeroponic food farms utilizing patented Tower Garden® technology. With over 300 successful projects across North America, Future Growing® leads the way in the local food growing movement, which has become a permanent mainstream trend in the United States.

The Future Growing® team, which is comprised of professional growers, horticulturists, and aeroponic experts, is led by founder and CEO Tim Blank, a hydroponics expert, global speaker, and 12-year hydroponics veteran with the Walt Disney World Company. Our business is not just selling a product, but more importantly creating successful urban farms, one farmer at a time.

Our world-class experience allows us to design customized turnkey vertical aeroponic farms to fit the needs of each individual client. Before our clients ever plant their first seed, they have an opportunity to work and train on a highly successful for-profit farm. Our high standards of service, training, and support give us a track record of success that is one of the best in the industry.

Leading The Local Food Movement, Future Growing® Holds The Record For “First of Its Kind In The World” Farms


The future of agriculture around the world will require new technologies and a much better use of our natural resources to sustain us. With a concern for our planet, Future Growing® LLC spent several years developing the patented vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® technology we have today.

Our patented vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® technology is made from some of the best food grade plastic available on earth. It is FDA food grade compliant, and is free of harmful components commonly found in today’s agriculture-grade plastics.

Aeroponics requires no growing medium inside the growing chamber, which lowers costs and eliminates disposal issues. Because the Tower Garden® technology recycles 100% of the nutrient solution, it uses up to 95% less water as compared with conventional organic farming. We also use up to 90% less land by growing vertically.

Aeroponic technology, combined with our natural ionic mineral plant food, simply provides better tasting, more nutritious, faster growing, chemical-free plants. Our produce is highly sought after at local restaurants and farmers markets, and fetches a premium price due to its superior quality. The Tower Garden® technology allows our growers to start a farm virtually anywhere — even rooftops — providing local, fresh, nutritious, chemical free, healthy produce to urban communities.

To learn about Future Growing’s vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® technology,  click here.